4 New Sex Positions You Probably Never Heard Before

1. The Python

The Python Sex Position
As the days are getting shorter and shorter and lack of sun might affect your mood, you have to make sure you’re taking care of your wellbeing. The first step is having good sex, which this position can help with.

The Python looks a bit funny, so expect a few laughs here and there, and experience the rush of feel-good hormones. However, the real benefit is a combination of deep penetration and stimulation of multiple erogenous zones. As you move your hips on top of your Escorts Agency Australia girl partner, your clitoris rubs against his pubic bone and your breasts against his chest, making intercourse extremely pleasurable.

The Python is the whole package; the skin-to-skin contact makes it more intimate, and you can even lean forward to take a break for a quick kissing session. Think of how pythons wrap themselves tightly around their prey – aim for this kind of closeness minus the killing part, and you’ll have fantastic sex at Australia Escort Service.

How To Do It

  • Your partner lies on his back.
  • Climb on top face-to-face and start lowering yourself down once he’s inside you.
  • Stretch your legs to rest on top of your partner’s legs.
  • Get into a cobra position: extend your arms and arch your back slightly.


2. Simple Scissors

Simple Scissors Sex Position
Contrary to what you might think, scissoring isn’t reserved just for lesbian women. No matter what your sexual orientation is, you’re welcome to give it a go and enjoy its versatility. The best thing is you don’t have to be naked to reap the benefits, so if you’re looking for creative foreplay, dry humping can be one way to make yourself aroused at Escort Agency Melbourne.

Once your clothes are off, the real action starts; this position allows for deep penetration and direct clitoral stimulation as you grind back and forth against your partner. It’s not a very intimate sex position, so make sure you try other options from this list.

How To Do It

  • The bottom partner lies on her back and rotates her hips to the side.
  • The Melbourne CBD escorts partner places one leg under her bottom leg and his top leg between her thighs.
  • He then leans slightly to the opposite side.


3. Amazon

Amazon Sex Position
Have you ever wondered what it would be to have sex if you were a man? While you’ll never have a definite answer, now you can get a taste of that scenario with the amazon position. Resembling missionary style, it allows the receiving partner to be on top and guide the movement with her hips while the penetrating partner brings his knees to his chest.

As the name suggests, this position allows the woman to appeal to her inner warrior as she takes on a dominant role. In Greek mythology, Amazon women embodied strength and courage, which this position is all about. You can find more female dominant sex positions here.

Once you’ve gotten over the awkwardness of trying it for the first time, you can focus on being in control and finding the right angle. Give it a go and see if your riding skills are deserving of the Amazonian title.

How To Do It

  • Your Escort Agency Box Hill partner lies on his back and brings his knees to his chest.
  • Position yourself between his knees and sit on his thighs.
  • Keep your hands on his shins and have him grab onto your legs for better balance and more synchronized movement.
  • If the vulva owner struggles to balance, the penis haver can lie on the edge of the bed and take on a standing position.


4. Sideways 69

Sideways 69 Sex Position
If you’re one of those people easily affected by the weather but still want something new, sideways 69 should be your top choice. Now you can combine a cuddling session with a bit of sexual exploration; this variation of 69 requires less strength as both partners can rest on their sides.

It makes the job for your tongues much easier and allows you to focus entirely on the task at hand. It’s an excellent option for new couples who are just beginning to learn about each other’s bodies. You can find the most pleasurable ways to stimulate each other before moving on to vaginal penetration. It will make the experience more rewarding and help you bond.

To make it feel amazing, you can try incorporating sex toys into the play; think vibrators, dildos, and butt plugs for anal play. There’s no shame in needing extra help. You can also add hip movement as you get more comfortable with oral sex.

How To Do It

  • Partners lie on their sides, facing each other’s genitals.
  • Make sure you’re close enough, then get down to business.


The Takeaway
I hope you enjoyed this list of the best new sex positions to surprise your woman with. Even if you’re already familiar with some of them, you can always play with the dominant/submissive dynamic to give them a slightly different flavor.

Novelty isn’t just about trying a new position every time you have sex but about exploring easy new sensations. Try these new sex moves, and if they aren’t up to your taste, there’s nothing wrong with going back to the positions you know best.

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