7 Halloween Sex Positions That Take Role-Play to a Whole New Level

Experimenting with new Escorts Agency Australia Halloween sex positions is the grown-up equivalent of dumping out your candy, surveying your haul, and gorging yourself silly. “Halloween is so damn sexy,” Buddhist sex therapist Cheryl Fraser, PhD, creator of the Become Passion online couples program and author of Buddha’s Bedroom, says. “That’s why I challenge couples to use this erotic eve as an excuse to trade bedroom boredom for some freaky fun.”

How you and your partner define “freaky” is entirely up to you. If you’re normally a bit shy but you’re looking to get a little wilder, costumes are a great way to ease yourselves into something different. Take role-play, for example. “Halloween is the best time to spice things up by experimenting with weird and wonderful positions and truly terrifying role-play,” pro-domme Ruby Payne, sexpert for sex toy retailer UberKinky, says. Whether you’re into recreating TV sex scenes or killer clown sex (trust us), it’s way easier to slide into it when you’re, well, already dressed for it.

“Costume yourself in whatever unleashes your sexy beast—from kinky dominatrix to kilted outlander,” Fraser says. “Wear a mask so you can lose your inhibitions (and your undies!).” An edgy costume, especially if you equip it with some fetish gear, is a great way to test beginner kink, like Dominant/Submission scenarios or bondage.

If you discover some sexy new things you’re into, go ahead and add them to your year-round repertoire. “Don’t wait until next year to vamp it up,” Fraser says. “Great couples schedule sex, they don’t simply wait around for a special occasion. Make a passion pledge that on the last day of each and every month you’ll unmask your inner demons to play this way all over again—and don’t forget the chocolate.”

Here are some spookily sexy positions to celebrate the night—big-ass bag of candy “in case you get trick or treaters” optional.

1. The Torture Chamber
Step one: Wear a costume that makes you feel hot AF. Step two: “Head out to a costume party, dance club, or even dinner with the family and play with the art of anticipation,” Fraser says, suggesting you tease your Australia Escort Service partner throughout the night. “Whisper something like, ‘Babe, I’m commando, and I cannot wait for you to touch me later, but I forbid you to touch me until I say so,’” Fraser says. “Dance for them while they watch from the bar. Build the tension and delay the release.” If you want to go harder, put on a wearable vibrator and hand your Escort Agency Melbourne partner the control. Wait until neither of you can take it anymore, then duck into the bathroom for a quickie.

2. The Costume Party
Harness the power of your sexy costumes to build anticipation, but instead of going home and ripping each other’s clothes off, let the tension build even more. “Ditch the boring ‘nipple, nipple, crotch, good night’ routine, and no matter how Halloween horny you are, slow down,” Fraser says. “Nip and nibble your sweetheart everywhere except where they are dying to be touched.” When you finally reach maximum Halloween horniness, give yourselves a break and array yourselves into an easy position, like missionary position.


3. The Werewolf
Mount your Melbourne CBD escorts partner facing away from them (aka, reverse cowgirl) and ride their penis or strap-on, either in character or as your regular self. Howl at the moon, if necessary. If you like butt stuff, your partner is in a great position to give you what you need, whether via finger or vibrating butt plug. (Butt stuff PSA: There’s no natural lubrication back there so lube, and plenty of it, is an absolute must.)


4. The Six Feet Under
“It’s like the original wheelbarrow except for the Escort Agency Box Hill partner that would be standing is seated on the edge of the bed,” says relationship coach Carmel Jones. “This one is not for the faint of heart or anyone with shoulder issues! But it does allow for very deep penetration at an unfamiliar and tantalizing angle.”


5. Getting Ghosted
“For fans of sexual objectification and/or erotic humiliation, it could be deeply exciting to cover their entire head and face with a bed sheet while fucking or getting fucked,” sex educator Kate Sloan, author of 101 Kinky Things Even You Can Do, says. (Obviously, consent beforehand is huge here.) “This plays into a fantasy some people have about being ignored or invisible during sex, which can feel thrillingly degrading or objectifying. It also achieves a similar effect as wearing a blindfold—increasing the sensitivity of other senses by reducing or eliminating eyesight. Perfect for getting kinky or spooky or both!”


6. The Moaning Zombie
“Take your oral sex game to the next level with a standing 69 position,” Payne says. “Have your Boxhill incall partner sit with their legs slightly bent apart as you get into position with your ass in their face. Straddle your legs outside of theirs and lean all the way down until you reach their crotch. Vagina or penis, this position gives some serious access to all areas, even a spot of ass-rimming if you’re into that kind of thing.”


7. The Trick or Treat
Are you gonna get a gentle hand and a buzzy vibe pressed against you, or are you gonna get the sharp smack of a hand on your ass? The anticipation will keep you incredibly attuned to what’s happening. Bend over a bed and have your partner toy with your senses by alternating pleasure and pain. (Or torture them instead. Your rules.)

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