One dragon service

A Dragon Service is the ultimate sexual experience, it ignites all the erotic senses of the men. It is a trained art, originated from china.


So, What Is A Dragon Service?
Not to be confused with Dragon Drilling (or, just DD), which is a type of rim-job where a working girl thoroughly licks your asshole deep, Dragon Service is a type of full body service offered by prostitutes, escorts and erotic masseurs.

Originating from the Chinese city of Dongguan which has long been associated as the ‘Eastern Amsterdam’ and boasting a huge sex trade, Dragon Service can include different things depending on where you are in Australia.

The term is often adopted as a phrase to be applied to any kind of sexual services offered by an Asian working lady. However, Escorts Agency Australia Dragon Service involves comprehensive attention being paid to the whole body but with specific attention on the genitals using some complex maneuvers and techniques.

There are more than 30 different techniques involved in a Dragon Service, each with their own name, including sex in different positions, blowjob (including Cum in Mouth) and rimming. Other techniques are known as:

  • Man lying in front while the girl plays with his penis and licks his testicle and anus
  • Lick and suck thru whole body
  • Fire and Ice blowjob
  • Deep Throat Dragon
  • Boobs Waves body slide
  • Gentle Charm
  • Angel’s Kiss (Lip kiss or deep French kiss)
  • Free Dragon
  • Swing Dragon (boobs slide & butt slide)
  • Around the world
  • Diamond fascination
  • Royal delights
  • Legend of The dragons
  • Rotating Dragon (anus rimming)
  • Ride of your life (protected sex in any position)


Melbourne CBD escorts
Sort of a cross between an erotic full body massage and Escort Agency Box Hill full service, it takes at least 60 minutes to complete and customers should feel like an absolute king by the end of the experience.

It is common for Australia Escort Service ladies to remain with you for up to 20 minutes after the Dragon Service so, combined with a ten-minute shower to get ready you should allow a minimum of two hours for this kind of treatment.

You can find out our escorts that can provide one dragon service at Escort Agency Melbourne. They are well-trained and experience, giving you an unforgettable experience. The price starting from $350- 370 for an hour.


What Happens During a Dragon Service?
Man lying in front while the girl plays with his penis and licks his testicle and anus

Developed mainly for locals in Dongguan rather than Westerners who prefer a ‘Wham, bam, thank you Ma’am’ approach to sex, a Dragon Service is a languorous and relaxed style of full body service. Clients are expected to lie down, relax and enjoy the experience of being pampered and pleasured.

Ladies who have learned the techniques of this kind of service have often done so over many years, mastering the way in which to ‘twirl’ their tongues rather than simply just ‘lick’ and to hone the 30+ skills needed to deliver a service of this kind.

Only taught in China, professionals who are trained in Dragon Service often practice with other women to develop their skills or are even put through their paces by local gigolos until they can call themselves specialists.

Typically, a 90-minute session of Dragon Service starts (after a shower) with you lying down on your front so your service provider can start work on your back, butt and anus. A variety of techniques, all having their own Mandarin name, are employed to fully stimulate every inch of your body. These use a range of accessories including hot tea, ice cubes and even popping candy.

Known as the Fire and Ice method and by switching the liquid in her mouth from scorching heat to ice cold she can make your skin super sensitive to her touch,T hese techniques are pretty hard to learn so not all working ladies can truly offer a Dragon Service.

Whilst you are on your front, she will ask you to raise up onto your knees in the doggy position whilst keeping your head on the pillow. This allows her access to your cock and balls which will really benefit from the Fire and Ice technique.

Once you have been serviced on the back you will typically receive full sex as a reward before the whole experience starts over again on the other side of your body.

Usually, your hostess will clean you again before working the front.

The second part of a Dragon Service is possibly the most intense aspect of the technique and involves some incredible sensations being applied to your penis before you can cum again as well as some pretty dynamic actions performed by your service provider.

Each session may vary depending on the lady but this second part usually starts with you in a standing position whilst she performs oral sex on you. Some girls will give deep throat but all will massage your balls during this part.

Sounds pretty normal until the girl does a full 360-degree rotation whilst keeping your cock in her mouth! Yeah, you got to see this to believe it but when it happens, you’ll thank us for pre-warning you. Acrobatic and gymnastic but wholly satisfying the sensation and visuals of this technique are very impressive.

Other positions you might experience in this part of the session include a 69 during which your service provider may perform a handstand, walking her legs up the wall whilst continuing to suck your cock. After this, some ladies may also slip a condom over your big toe and then fuck it.

You will then be finished off again; this is offered as full intercourse or maybe manual relief for the second time. Either way, you get to cum twice in a Dragon Service.

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